Medcare HQ Ltd is a specialist provider of healthcare professionals based in Leeds. Since the company started over 3 years ago, it has grown at an impressive rate with both external placements and internal staff numbers increasing significantly. 
Adopting a rigorous approach to candidate vetting, Medcare recognised the importance of supplying high quality, well trained and compliant staff to work with their clients and build on their vision to be an ‘anchor to high quality care through innovation and modern technology’. 
It was this vision and business growth that inspired Medcare to look at a more time-efficient and effective way of running the business and ultimately led them to working with Flo. 


Making a transition to a new system is always challenging as there are so many changes that have to be made. 
For Medcare, it meant learning new methods for candidate registration, a revised booking process, and changes in payroll and invoice processing. The key was to be able to transition to Flo whilst maintaining the high standards of service delivery expected by their clients. 


One of the strengths of the Medcare team is the obvious passion for what they do, which is never more apparent than when you talk to the owners, Percy, and Natasha. This passion has filtered through to the whole team at Medcare and has been instrumental in making the change to Flo a very smooth one. 
Good two-way communication is often at the heart of a successful project and the Office Manager, Shannon, worked closely with Flo’s Training Manager, Paul, in all aspects of the system transition, fundamentally taking on the role of Super User to support other Medcare staff. 
With a strengthening relationship, further discussions with Flo’s Director, Phil, and BDM, Kareena, have secured payroll, accounts management, and financing agreements that will save Medcare both time and money and allow them to focus on their core services without the stress associated with managing the back office. 
It really encapsulates a well-used but still valuable concept of win-win. 

Paul Targett  (Training & Implementation Manager FLO) 

"MedCare HQ transitioned to Flo after a successful first three years. Now they're saving time and money, so they can focus on their core services without worrying about the stress associated with managing the back office. You can read more about how Flo has helped Medcare HQ here. " 
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